Lip Contours
Lip Enhancement -- FAST and EASY!

Enhance your lips with Lip Contours, and have the full, beautiful lips you've always wanted in seconds!

The trend today is lip enhancement! Would you like to change the shape and size of your lips or just line them neatly?

Lip Contours' patented design makes it EASY to have big, full, beautiful, perfect lips.

You pick the pattern you like, press it tightly to your mouth, move it up to enlarge your lips and then line them on the inside edge of the stencil. Then repeat the process with the lower lip.

In seconds your liner is on and your lips are perfect. Then follow with lipstick or lip gloss.

Why spend hundreds of dollars trying to enlarge and reshape your lips with injections and surgery, only to wind up with crooked bumpy lips...when all you need is Lip Contours?

See for yourself how easy Lip Contours is to use!

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US Patent #6701938

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